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Thermaltake Big Water Coolant 1000ml


Thermaltake Big Water Coolant 1000ml

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Thermaltake Big Water Coolant 1000ml
  • The functions of coolant include water quality leveling, anti-freeze, anti-rusting and water scale reducing 
  • Coolant can effectively reduce the temperature of computer system. 
  • Protects Thermaltake cooling system metals from corrosion and cavitation including aluminum


The functions of the coolant includes water quality leveling, anti-freezing, anti-rusting, and water scale reducing. The coolant can reduce the temperature of the system effectively and further enhance the thermal efficiency.

Please read the manual first and follow the instructions step by step before using the product.

  • Material/ Liquid Block Material/ Waterblock Material
    Water~94% Propylene Glycol ~6% Other materials: 1?Propylene diamine tetra acetate detetrasodium (ED .TA.4Na)0.1% 2?Methy paraben (M.P) 0.1% 3? Color pigment 0.002%
  • Capacity/Capacity of coolant/Capacity of liquid: 1000cc
  • Ultra-value: UV Sensitive