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Fractal Design Adjust R1 RGB Fan controller, Black


Fractal Design Adjust R1 RGB Fan controller, Black

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Fractal Design Adjust R1 RGB Fan controller, Black



The Adjust R1 gives you full manual control over your Fractal Design Prisma AL Series fans and other standard 5V addressable RGB devices. A single Adjust R1 provides easy software-free control, customization, and synchronized effects for several fans, LED strips, and other ARGB devices in daisy-chain or Y-cable configurations.

Intuitive controls let you set customize colors, configure brightness, and set color cycling modes with a variety of pulse and motion effects.

Key features

  • Simple and intuitive controls
  • Compatible with standard 5V ARGB LED fans, strips, and devices
  • Integrated magnets for convenient placement in any steel case
  • Preset color, color cycle, custom color, long rainbow, and short rainbow modes
  • Eight color presets and five brightness levels
  • Six pulse and motion effects
  • Remembers settings when powered off
  • Included Y-cable and adapters



5V Addressable RGB devices with standard 3-pin connector

Color modes

Preset color: Set all LEDs to red, green, blue, orange, cyan, yellow, purple, or white

Color cycle: All LEDs change color in unison

Custom color: Freeze color cycle mode on the exact color of your choice

Long rainbow: Colors animate in a long sequence

Short rainbow: Colors animate in a quick succession

Brightness settings

5 levels

Pulse and motion effects

On (constant brightness)

Slow breathing effect

Fast breathing effect

Slow single pulse sequence

Fast single pulse sequence

Slow marquee chasing effect

Fast marquee chasing effect

Off (LEDs disabled)

Maximum load



Unit dimensions (LxWxH), Excluding cable

45 x 17 x 8 mm

Net weight

14 g

Package dimensions (LxWxH)

134 x 134 x 33 mm

Package weight

70 g

Package contents

  • Adjust R1 RGB Controller
  • RGB Y-cable (female-to-female)
  • 2 x Male-to-male adapters

Additional information

  • EAN: 7340172701576
  • UPC: 843276101572
  • JAN: 4537694262743