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Deepcool Multi Core X6 Notebook Cooler With 4 Fans & 2 USB Ports


Deepcool Multi Core X6 Notebook Cooler With 4 Fans & 2 USB Ports

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Deepcool Multi Core X6 Notebook Cooler With 4 Fans & 2 USB Ports

A breakthrough in the appearance design among traditional notebook coolers. The designer created a beautiful black butterfly with the four fans in a matrix shape. This black beauty not only has superb high cooling performance but also can be an adorable decoration alone itself.



Superb Cooling Performance
With the innovative 4-fan design, MULTI CORE X6 provides excellent cooling performance.

Multi-core Control Technology
Built-in four fans provide massive airflow to cool the whole notebook base with no blind area. This cooler can cool your hottest spots no matter it is hard disk drive or VGA card area. Meanwhile according to the heating condition of the notebook, the creative Multi-Core Control Technology enables users to apply 4 different fan-working statuses: 4 fans on / 2 upper fans on / 2 downside fans on / 4 fans off.

2 Viewing Angles
The ergonomic viewing angle of this cooler is fixed at 9° for the most comfort when users read pages, watch videos and play games. And this angle is also designed for notebook stabilization and safety.

2 USB Ports
With built-in 2 USB 2.0 ports, you can connect your personal USB devices through MULTI CORE X6 for charging your mobile phone or for data transfer.

Ergonomic Design & Notebook Safety
MULTI CORE X6 has a 9° viewing angle available, which enables users to work, study and play with their notebook in a comfortable gesture, therefore to protect users from spinal problems. At the bottom of the cooler, high quality anti-slip rubber helps prevent any sliding of the cooler and notebook for safety.

Overall Dimension
Fan Dimension
380 X 295 X 24mm
Rated Voltage
Operating Voltage
Power Input
Fan Speed
Net Weight
Bearing Type
Hydro Bearing
Started Voltage
Rated Current
Max. Air Flow